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Kimerical Kreations

Here follows a list of the various things I'm working on (or have mostly finished)! Most of these are just blurbs, for now, but I may share writing in whole or in part in the future.

Novels & Novellas

Breaking Down the Walls: A ~97,000-word YA LGBTQ+ fantasy influenced by First Nations mythologies, featuring a WLW romance and a diverse cast of characters. This is a story about coming of age and wrestling with matters of identity and with monsters in a world that bleeds magic.

Tamarack is “star-blessed” with strange visions, and has therefore been chosen to apprentice to an elder in her northern swampland home. For the past eighteen years, her life has been idyllic—until the ghostly spectres began to rise more frequently, attacking her village and nearly killing her best friend on the same night they pledge to go and find a solution to the spectral problem together. On the guidance of her visions, she leaves her home to seek answers alone, but the very people she has gone to for help may be the ones causing the problems in the first place...

Untitled Dragon Western: Currently in the World-Building and Planning stage! This one's a fantasy Western story, following the (mis)adventures of an outlaw who is trying to protect her found family as the world that they know begins coming to an end. A powerful rival gang is threatening the peace, and the government is starting to crack down on all manner of ne'er-do-wells as civilzation expands ever outward. Our protagonist learns that she is, in fact, a dragon, cursed at birth to protect her from the government that would seek to either exterminate or subjugate her, and she finds herself teaming up with a charming lady knight to try and stop the rival gang, save her family, and avoid the gallows...

Short Stories and Other Works

"The Mistress Returns": Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged... especially when that woman transforms into a nachzehrer upon her untimely death and returns to exact her revenge.

Genre: Horror/Dark Fairytale | CW: Suicide, death, body horror, descriptions of gore and violence

"The Kindness of Strangers": A particularly odd yet kindly stranger offers an ailing woman a second chance at life--but sometimes we really should look a gift horse in the mouth.

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi | CW: Terminal illness, body horror

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